Inside Kim’s Private Jet

Splashing the front cover of today’s Rodong Sinmun was Kim Jong Un conducting aerial field guidance of a new apartment block complex in Pyongyang. The new apartments look like they are being constructed in the same plane as two other complexes built earlier in 2014

More interestingly, Kim surveyed the construction activity by air, allowing us one of those much derided rare glimpse moments into what appears to be Kim Jong Un’s private Jet, which didn’t look like it had a delegated non-smoking section.

It wasn’t long until it was pointed out on Twitter that the choice of clothing by those on-board was probably better suited for the Winter outside.

The article can be viewed in full on KCNA Watch, or directly on North Korea’s Pyongyang KCNA website in English or in Korean.

The Rodong Sinmun carried several photo groups:

And KCNA carried two more of inside the aircraft

As it appeared on the front page of North Korea’s Workers’ Daily, the Rodong Sinmun