Top Political Facebook Posts in 2014

Engagement in Facebook posts by New Zealand political parties and MPs were dominated by the party leaders like John Key, but Jacinda Ardern took top place for a single post in 2014.

These posts were pulled from a much larger archive of Facebook activity by New Zealand politicians, and ranked by total engagement (literally likes, shares and comments) for the entire year of 2014, which covered the election.

This analysis only includes posts from political parties, MPs, or candidates in the 2014 election which were not made from a personal Facebook account.

Because of Facebook’s Terms of Service, we cannot include posts made from personal accounts, such as Russel Norman, Metiria Turei or a few other MPs.

The posts are embedded from Facebook, so you might have to wait a few seconds for them to load.


Jacinda has a realization.


John Key piles on the pressure.


Winston really doesn’t want a holiday


John Key reaches out after the Sydney Siege


The Chinese are coming


Winston pleased with election result leaving him in opposition


Prime Minister congratulates top sportswoman


The unexpected Christmas card


Cunliffe resigns


Winston wants a tea break

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